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Rules of game


The baby-kart is a special circuit for underage drivers, who cannot yet be hired by the team.
This must be activated from the circuit page at a cost of € 50.000 and, at the time of its creation, it will have a starting composition equal to that of the main circuit, with a length reduced by 70%. Subsequently, it will be possible to modify its characteristics (percentage of gradients and curves, length of the track and pitlane) at half the cost defined for the circuit with the same intervention. The maintenance of the baby-kart will always be free of charge.

Within the page dedicated to the drivers there is a new section that indicates the presence of the baby-kart or the possibility of activating it. If active, any baby-drivers present will be shown, and the only known characteristics for each of them will be the weight and nationality, as well as obviously the name, surname and age, and the statistics related to the races run by each baby-driver.

Draft of the baby-drivers
Once the baby-kart has been created, every week it will receive a young driver (of constant age equal to 16 years and one month), automatically, on Thursday morning. Immediately after creation, it will be possible to get the first baby-driver manually, without waiting for the next week.
However, there is a limit to the maximum number of baby-drivers that each team can host at the same time in the baby-kart, and this varies according to the level of the talent scout:

very good4

If this limit is reached, the automatic draw will not be triggered on Thursday; however, it will be possible to get a new baby-driver (only one per week) by freeing up a place among those occupied in the nursery.

Races on the baby-kart
In the section dedicated to baby-drivers it is possible to make them run instant races, the outcome of which is visible after 10 seconds. The weather for these races will be the same as for the tests, as happens for the F.I.A. and weekly events.

These will have a variable cost starting from € 1.000 for the first race run after each training on Wednesday, and increases exponentially for subsequent races, according to the following table, which also reports the cumulative cost to more effectively evaluate the real cost to run a certain number of races:

Race n°CostCumulative cost
1€ 1.000€ 1.000
2€ 1.900€ 2.900
3€ 3.600€ 6.500
4€ 6.900€ 13.400
5€ 13.000€ 26.400
6€ 24.800€ 51.200
7€ 47.000€ 98.200
8€ 89.400€ 187.600
9€ 169.800€ 357.400
10€ 322.700€ 680.100
15€ 7.990.100€ 16.866.800
20€ 197.842.000€ 417.665.300

The number of drivers to put in the race varies from 1 to the total number of baby-drivers who are present in the nursery at a given moment (it is not mandatory to always run them all). A new page has been created, accessible from the baby-drivers section, to view the results of the races, limited to the finish times, which will remain visible for 24 weeks.

Training and real engagement
The baby-drivers, who will be born with all the skills equal to disastrous, will participate in the training on Wednesday, as long as they have run at least two races during that week. Each skill will grow independently of the others, and the settings defined on the training page will have no effect for the baby-drivers. As they grow, the classic catch via observers will continue to work.
Upon reaching the age of 18 years and one month, the baby-drivers can be hired as usual, and, if they have been trained constantly until they reach the age of majority (almost every week), they will have gained slightly higher skills, on average, compared to drivers who do not come from the baby-kart.
The quality of the baby-drivers (the skills they can achieve once they are of age) will depend on the staff, especially the observers, as happens for drivers hired in the traditional way.
The fact remains that each team will be able to hire only one driver per week, whether it is a baby-driver or one proposed by the observers.

Each baby-driver who comes of age will be proposed in the "Hire young" section as the first option, and can be accepted immediately or discarded, as is the case for the other proposals. If a choice is made, the following week the second youngster will be proposed (if the talent scout level was at least inadequate) and so on, until the last driver available, otherwise that baby-driver will still be the first to be proposed in the following weeks.
Clearly, hiring a driver when he comes of age frees up a place in the nursery where a new 16-year-old and 1-month-old youngster can appear on the following Thursday.