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Rules of game

The staff

In the staff page you can hire and dismiss your staff employers. The staff is characterised by a level of "teamwork". If there aren't changes in the staff the level of teamwork will tend to go up and so the staff performance will improve where it's employed. In case of hiring or dismissal the level of teamwork will tend to go down according to the number of hiring/dismissals. If you have more than 6 drivers in the team (at the moment of daily updating) the level of teamwork will tend to go down instead of 5 points causing your employers' performance to get worse.
It is possible to use credits in order to increase the teamwork, a laboratory or a facility level. By the means of this functionality, every user can increase one level only between the above-mentioned 3 elements of the game strategy inside MyGPTeam each week.
The cost to increase the level depends on the current one and grows exponentially with the 2n formula ("n" is the current level), as follows:
- disastrous >> awful = 2 credits;
- awful >> inadequate = 4 credits;
- inadequate >> mediocre = 8 credits;
- magnificent >> amazing = 4096 credits.
If the current level is at least blue, therefore "amazing", this function is not available.

To dismiss a staff member has a fixed cost of 1.000 €, and each staff member has a fixed salary of 1.000 € per week.
There are no limits in the hiring of employers, but when the number of employers increases too much the benefits are lower and lower and obviously the costs are higher and higher. Furthermore in order to hire or dismiss employers you must consider that the expected availabilty added to the present pending offers (both in entrance and in exit) never goes under the amount of -200.000 € or you will not be allowed to carry out further financial movements, including hiring/dismissal. Here follows the description of each group of employers' members.

Mechanics: they are important for pitstops and for reducing wear and tear of components in the race.

Technicians: they are important for the construction of a new car component.

Copywriters: they encourage contract proposal of sponsors for the team and the increase in the supporters' numbers.

Observers: they are important in finding out young talented drivers in youth championships.

Fitness coaches: with 20 coaches and a high teamwork level the drivers will lose about 1.5 kilos per season. They will put on about 1.5 kilos per season if you don’t hire any coach. You can achieve a halfway balance hiring half the coaches and keeping a mid-range teamwork level. If you hire more than 20 coaches you will only get slight further benefits.

Maintenance men: they reduce the wear and tear of circuits during races and they represent the merchandising shops' employers, contributing to the sales.