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Rules of game

The engineers

For each type of component each team can own a maximum of one engineer . Each engineer has an univocal identification number (ID), a weekly salary, a specialisation which limits his field of action to the car component in which he is specialised and he has 3 characteristics:

Skill: this refers to a generic ability of the engineer and it affects the other characterstics. The skill is a parameter that doesn't reduce in time and it has weight in 2 aspects: in the components' construction in the laboratory and in the rise in the level of the research for the component in which he is specialised.
Mechanic: this refers to the engineer's mechanical skills and it affects the construction of the car component in which he is specialised. It's a factor that decrease every time a new component is built.
Innovation: this refers to the engineer's ability to update according to continuous evolving technlogies and it affects the speed of increase in the level of research of the component in which the engineer is specialised. It's a factor that decreases when a new component is built.

You can hire some engineers from the market paying fixed costs according to selected skill, mechanic and innovation. If you only select the skill and and leave random one or both of the other abilities you pay a lower cost and both mechanic and innovation will be choosen by the system in a certain range which is defined by the skill that you selected.
The range is calculable as follows:
minimum range: the entire part of the formula (1 + (skill/2))
maximum range: the entire part of the formula
(10*(1 + (skill/20)))

Otherwise you can transform one of your drivers into an engineer (if you don't renew his contract during the same season, otherwise you have to wait for the next season). In order to do this in this case you have to decide his skill (and in the case of innovation as well, paying a greater figure) and you will save in comparison with the purchase from the market a certain quantity that is affected by the level of driver's experience and by the fact that you will not pay his mechanic. However you have to pay a penalty for the early interruption of the contract equal to a percentage of the total salary that the driver would have received for the remaining weeks of contract. A driver who became an engineer will be retired from racing, and is disqualified in his championship. So if the driver is in the drivers' championship ranking when he becomes engineer, he is removed from it and lose all rights on points and prizes. Once he has become an engineer your driver will have his value of mechanical knowledge as mechanic, as skill the selected level and as innovation degree a random value (in a range defined by skill that you decided) or a value that you selected. You aren't allowed to buy an engineer if his cost (considering also the pending offers for drivers or components both in entrance and in exit) leads your expected availability under the amount of - 200.000 €. Each engineer receives a salary which is based on his 3 abilities (in the salary the skill costs more than the others, then come mechanic and innovation). Every weekly updating this salary at 7:00 can lower if some components have been built during the week in which the engineer is specialised causing a decrease in his abilities. Here follows a table to give some estimation of how much a salary can cost you according to the skills (skill-mechanic-innovation respectively):
An engineer disastrous-disastrous-disastrous - about 2.000 € / salary week

disastrous-peachy-peachy - about 6.500 € / week of salary

awful-awful-awful - about 2.000 € / week of salary

awful-wonderful-wonderful - about 7.500 € / week of salary

inadequate-inadequate-inadequate- about 2.000 € / week of salary

inadequate-wonderful-wonderful- about 7.700 € / week of salary

mediocre-mediocre-mediocre- about 2.500 € / week of salary

mediocre-magnificent-magnificent- about 9.000 € / week of salary

insufficient-insufficient-insufficient- about 3.000 € / week of salary

insufficient-magnificent-magnificent- about 9.200 € / week of salary

acceptable-acceptable-acceptable- about 3.500 € / week of salary

acceptable-amazing-amazing- about 11.000 € / week of salary

great-great-great- about 4.300 € / week of salary

great-amazing-amazing- about 11.600 € / week of salary

very good-very good-very good- about 4.600 € / week of salary

very good-portentous-portentous- about 13.500 € / week of salary

phenomenal-phenomenal-phenomenal- about 5.500 € / week of salary

phenomenal-portentous-portentous- about 14.000 € / week of salary

peachy-peachy-peachy- about 9.500 € / week of salary

peachy-colossal-colossal- about 30.000 € / week of salary

wonderful-wonderful-wonderful- about 11.500 € / week of salary

wonderful-colossal-colossal- about 30.500 € / salary week

magnificent-magnificent-magnificent- about 13.500 € / week of salary

magnificent-immense-immense- about 37.500 € / week of salary

amazing-amazing-amazing- about 16.300 € / week of salary

amazing-immense-immense- about 38.700 € / week of salary

portentous-portentous-portentous- about 20.000 € / week of salary

portentous-prodigious-prodigious- about 48.000 € / week of salary

colossal-colossal-colossal- about 42.000 € / week of salary

colossal-prodigious-prodigious- about 57.000 € / week of salary

immense-immense-immense- about 53.000 € / week of salary

immense-perfect-perfect- about 71.000 € / week of salary

prodigious-prodigious-prodigious- about 66.000 € / week of salary

prodigious-perfect-perfect- about 76.500 € / week of salary

perfect-perfect-perfect- about 83.500 € / week of salary

perfect-heroic-heroic- about 96.000 € / week of salary

heroic-heroic-heroic- about 104.000 € / week of salary

insuperable-insuperable-insuperable- about 130.000 € / week of salary