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Rules of game


Facilities for supporters
You can construct facilities of your Team for your supporters (such as bar, restaurants, sports center..). With these facilities you can set an higher limit for fanclub. If you upgrade your facilities for supporters, you will have an increase of 65 of the limit of fanclub for each level of facilities. Attention: You won't have automatically new supporters if you upgrade your facilities, you will only setup an higher fanclub limit. An example with Formula 1: the default limit is max. 2700 supporters in fanclub. If you increase of one level the facilities, the limit will arrive at 2765, and with the maximum level in facilities the limit arrives at 4000. Here below the costs for facilities upgrades:
100.000 € for each upgrading until the fourth level
200.000 € for each upgrading from the fourth to the eighth level
300.000 € for each upgrading from the eighth to the twelfth level
400.000 € for each upgrading from the twelfth to the sixteenth level
500.000 € for each upgrading from the sixteenth to the twentieth level

Laboratory Facilities
Launching the facilities has a 10.000 € starting cost.. Labs Facilities:

Computer aided design. Reduces the production costs in all your labs. At the insuperable level of this facility, the production costs in all your labs are reduced by up to 50%.

Advanced simulators. Slightly increases the quality of production of all labs. In fact this facility increases the skills of the components you build by a percentage. At the insuperable level of this facility each component you build will have one higher skill compared to a component built without the facility.

Databases. Reduces the decrease of the engineer's skills. At the insuperable level of this facility every time you build a new component the decrease of the engineer's skills is reduced by up to 50% compared to the decrease without facility.

The following facilities allow you to improve the quality of component construction by making the qualities of the component closer to the level of your lab:

Test engines. Improves the production of engines.
Advanced materials laboratory: carboceramics. Improves the production of brakes.
Advanced materials laboratory: titanium. Improves the production of transmissions.
Test suspensions. Improves the production of suspensions.
Wind tunnel. Improves the production of aerodynamics.
Advanced materials laboratory: nanotechnologies. Improves the production of electronics.
Track test. Improves the production of sets of tires.
Each facility is associated to a lab and decreases the negative random influence during the construction of components. The random element is always on and is not deactivated even at the insuperable level of the facility, but the influence is reduced as the facility improves.

The maximum reachable level in a certain investment has limits which are determined by the following scheme:

no investment (the level quality doesn't increase and tends to disastrous)
1.000 € (maximum reachable level mediocre)
5.000 € (maximum reachable level very good)
15.000 € (maximum reachable level magnificent)
25.000 € (maximum reachable level immense)
50.000 € (maximum reachable level insuperable)

Lowering or cancelling investments can lead to a drop in the reached level, in a faster way if the investment lowering is drastic. In fact, the level will tend to the maximum reachable value with the new investment.

If you want to upgrade the level of facilities you must be careful that the cost of the upgrading, deducted from the expected availability (plus the possible offers of the classic market both in entrance and in exit), never goes under -200.000 € or you will not be allowed to make this operation.