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Rules of game


In the laboratoy page you have the possibility to invest some money in the research for new technologies for each car component. The research level increase thanks to the specialised engineer's skill and the innovation degree and to the investment which will be faced. The maximum reachable level by research in a certain investment has limits which are determined by the following scheme:

no investment (the level quality doesn't increase and tends to disastrous)
1.000 € (maximum reachable level mediocre)
5.000 € (maximum reachable level very good)
15.000 € (maximum reachable level magnificent)
25.000 € (maximum reachable level immense)
50.000 € (maximum reachable level insuperable)

If you want to increase investments you have to consider that the expected availability added to the present pending offers (in entrance as well in exit) never goes under the amount of -200.000 € or you will not be allowed to carry out further financial movements, including the finding of funds addressed to the laboratory. Lowering or cancelling investments in the laboratory research can lead to a drop in the reached level, in a faster way if the investment lowering is drastic. In fact, the level will tend to the maximum reachable value with the new investment.

Instantaneous or project construction
Still in the laboratory it's possibile to order the construction of a component. The construction has a cost depending on the reached research level at present and on the project duration. The quality of the constructed component depends on engineer's mechanical abilities, on his skill, on reached level in the research, on the number of technicians who are part of the team and on the project duration. Every time you order the construction of a component of your car the innovation level of the specialised engineer decreases and also his mechanic decrease to a smaller degree. It's possible to construct a maximum of 5 components per week per type and 10 in total. The laboratory level in a certain component decreases every day of 1 point if for that component you have more than 6 components in the storehouse (10 components for tyres) when the daily updating occurs. When a component is constructed through a project construction, the countdown starts, and at the end of the countdown it will be possible to construct the component. If the project duration is high, there will be more possibilities (but not certainty) to construct a component with skills corresponding to the lab's research level and to the engineer abilities, especially with medium/low levels of research. With a high project duration there will be more construction costs and more engineer mechanic and innovation decreases. The construction costs, the decrease of engineer skills and the constructions' weekly count are updated, if you choose a project construction, only when you order the construction of the component, at the end of the project countdown. If you choose the project construction, the lab that is working for project cannot receive other construction orders until the end of the project and the conseguent construction of the component.