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Rules of game


Associations (MyGPTeam forums) are public places and so they need some RULES that you have to follow to respect ideas, opinions and the feelings of participants in order to render them polite and respectful of others' dignity. The Staff has the possibility to apply sanctions in the manner it believes most appropriate every behaviour which infringes associations rules. Staff's decision can be discussed in PRIVATE, but the final decision of a Staff member is unappealable and definitive. Below are mentioned some rules that you absolutely mustn't infringe. Staff members are totally free to cancel those messages which violate the following rules, if a member or some members sully themselves with IRREGULAR or ILLEGAL behaviour they will be banned and therefore excluded from associations. Every message which is considered as offensive by a moderator will be cancelled and the author of the post will be forbidden to participate in all activites if his incorrect behaviour goes on in subsequent posts. AP (Admin Project, site Administrators), ExP (Those who help the Administrators in some tasks) and Mod (Moderator)are part of the staff of associations. The possible ban from associations isn't always definitive but it can be limited in days, according to the incorrect behaviour and to staff discretion. In the case of recidivism in incorrect behaviour or on the grounds of the gravity of violated rules in the associations the Staff has the authority to consider the possibility of sanctions related to the account (Ban of user from the game) or to the team (pecuniary fine).

Only the project manager can create private associations and be the managers. The one who created an association assumes the title of "creator" of the association. The creator of the association can determine who are the moderators (who has the task to ban incorrect users, shift discussions and cancel or edit messages which don't respect the rules) and the administrators (with the task of moderation and creation of categories inside the association). Creators have also tasks of moderation and administration.

What ISN'T permitted to do in the MyGPTeam associations:

1) Being impolite in language, provocative or offensive in any manner to other users.
2) SPAM, that is to go out of topic, posting useless messages which have nothing to do with the subject of discussion. Opening threads about useless topic also is part of this point of rules.
3) Use of capital letters in the object of threads or inside posts (it's equal to screaming).
4) Using the SMS-style language and other mangling of Italian (also a minimum use of letters such as K or word abbreviation).
5) Bumping (just posting to "bring up" the topic).
6) Posting double posts (double posting) inside a topic or creating more copies of the same topic.
7) Public accusations of cheating ("cheating").
8) Discussions in public about the staff decisions. In these cases you have to contact directly the administrators (AP) or ExP or mod (if the sanction has been determined inside the associations) through private message or to EMAIL address
9) Advertising to services (sites for commerce and brands) which enables purchase, sale or transactions in real life.
10) Including in the topic inside the public associations drivers or components with or without related skills in order to show them, ask for evaluations or advertise their present or future sale. To advertise drivers or components on sales there is the opposite section in the public association Direct Line With Staff (ID: 2).
11) For all those topics which aren't exclusively related to MyGPTeam there is the Off Topic section. Any topic which doesn't respect this rule will be removed by the Staff.
12) Using a signature which causes trouble in the legibility of topics.
13) Opening topics or associations concerning politics or marked with: profanity, hate, fraud, racism, offensive topics, or any other illegal activity.
14) Any type of discrimination is not accepted.
15) Exceeding in the use of smiles or emoticons. They make the forum more interesting and funnier and sometimes they are very useful while expressing concepts and feelings; but it's better to not exceed in their use.
16) Inserting frequently topics which are similar. It would be opportune, however, put them together in a single topic, to avoid confusion and the dispersion of the included information. Before posting check if there are already topics about the same subject and in this case it's forbidden to open new ones.
17) Using offensive and vulgar "NICK NAME ". Obviously it's forbidden the use of clones.
18) Calling your topics with titles which are "incoherent" with their own content.