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Rules of game

Behaviour rules

Below are listed behaviour rules you have to follow during the game. Not respecting the rules can cause anything from a simple pecuniary sanction weighing on the team, to the ban and the closure of the team itself. Sometimes before taking a decision some time can pass by due to possible inquiries or controls. In that case Expert Project will give a preventive ban to the users involved in controls. This doesn't mean that the team is removed, but only that the user will be temporarily suspended waiting for clarification of the situation.

N.B. : project managers are users as all the others and they have to respect the rules like the others. In the case of lack of respect they will receive the same punishments (including ban and exclusion from the game). If a project manager is banned and excluded from the game, he can register with the same data once his banned team is cancelled after about a month and a half. At that point the project manager package will be activated again for the number of due days, after a correct communication with the staff through email.

1- It's forbidden to own more than one team. Only one team per person is granted. It's forbidden to control another team using the name of a friend (or relative) or register a friend (or relative) in order to favour you (possession of satellite teams). The owner of a team must only be the one who manages it. Remember, the person who enters an account must be the only one who is destined to use it, this means that you can't allow relatives or friends to enter your team, which is personal.
In case that there are two different persons who want to use the same pc or the same net, this is possible as long as you communicate to us via an email and as long as there aren't transfers of either components or of drivers between the two teams and each of you exclusively manages his own team.

2- It's forbidden to offend other users or to use an impolite language or concerning politics, profanity, hate, fraud, racism, offensive topics, or any other illegal activity in any place related to the game (messages, forums, press releases etc). The same goes for the uploading of public images (e.g.: Team logo). Penalties range from fine to closing of team.

3- It is forbidden to carry out transactions out of the market. Drivers or components sold for disproportionate figures for favoritism, abandonment, error or other will lead to the adaptation of the transfer to the real value of the component or driver. The same will happen for drivers or components purchased for too low figures. If there is a guilty behaviour by the users involved in the transfer, these will be banned from the game.
In special cases, in addition to the adjustment of the transfer, a penalty can be added regarding points in the championship, if the offense is so serious as to be able to distort the championship in progress. Usually the adjustment takes place within 30 days after the sale, but if the case requires a special investigation, this term may be delayed.

4- Spam is forbidden. Under pain of fine to team.

5- It's forbidden to abuse of tools of report which are on site (as reports against cheating), for example by doing fake reports.

6- It's forbidden to abuse of the feature of referral links. In particular, it is forbidden for users using the same connection/network as the owner of the link, or the connection/network of another user who has already used a referral link for registration, to register through the referral service. Any abuse of this feature will be punished severely.

7- It's forbidden to insert a prefix in the nickname which may create confusion regarding the composition of the staff.

8- It's forbidden in any way try to enter and/or damage data of other users or site administrators.