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Rules of game

The team

In the team page it's possible to have a summarizing idea of some aspects of your own society. More precisely the team name, the owner's user name, the championship for which you are registered, your circuit, and the number of supporters who are affiliated to the society at present by subscription are displayed. Furthermore there is a list of drivers who are under contract with your team and the already published press releases (it is also possible to create new ones).
During weeks 11 and 12 it is possible to change the name of the team from the settings page.

Team supporters
In the Team page the number of supporters of the Team is specified. These fans are only the most loyal and not all the fans of a team. For all races these fans will involve others, even if not affiliated to the fanclub, to see the team on TV or live. The fans have a mood towards their team that is specified in the page of each Team, close to the number of supporters. The fan mood varies according to the results of the team in the single race and to the compliance with the expectations of the Constructor Championsip, and together with other factors (copywriters and teamwork) it influences the fan arrival or abandonment each week. In case at the weekly update the fans' mood determines an increase in their number, a team that has run no more than 100 GPs will receive a descending bonus on new fans (the bonus is maximum for the first 20 GPs and then it decreases down to zero).
The mood table of supporters is the following:


Arrival or abandonment of the fanclub by fans each week is also influenced by the capacity of the stadium around the circuit. If that is too small for the number of affiliates, a lot of them will not find free places and therefore will be less encouraged to subscribe, or could even decide to leave the fanclub if the results of the team are not so good. Furthermore, each fanclub is limited according to the Formula of the Team in the total number of entries. The limitations are as follows:

Formula 1 max 5.000 supporters in fanclub
Formula 2 max 4.000 supporters in fanclub
Formula 3 max 3.000 supporters in fanclub
Formula 4 max 2.000 supporters in fanclub
Formula 5 max 1.000 supporters in fanclub
Formula 6 max 500 supporters in fanclub

The total number of fans is higher than the fanclub supporters, but it directly depends on the latter. Moreover, the indicated limits can be increased by developing the facilities dedicated to welcoming the fans, up to a 1,5X factor compared to the limits defined above.
When you reach these values it is not sure that the fans will leave the fanclub because it also depends on the results, but the number of subscriptions will be reduced and there will be a higher of abandonment in the case of bad results. In case a team has a number of fans that exceeds these limits, the extra part will remain as "potential" and will not contribute to the weekly incomes (e.g. the race tickets sold and the merchandising).
Furthermore, at the end of a season fans of a fanclub will increase or decrease depending on the placement of the team in his constructors championship, in this way:

Winner 10% increase in the number of fans

Seventh ranked 4% decrease in the number of fans

Eighth ranked 6% decrease in the number of fans

Ninth ranked decrease of 8% of the number of fans

Tenth ranked 10% decrease in the number of fans

The 10% bonus will not be applied if a team, at the beginning of the season, is found in a formula that is lower compared to where it is supposed to be placed, based on that team's value (see below, par. The expectations of fans, sponsors and television companies), in order to push every user to stay in the right formula according to his experience and to have the top as a target.

In the Team's page, just below the mood of fans, there are two entries for the owner of the Team. The first, Filling seats, refers to the percentage of seats around the circuit filled by supporters during the championship race with the current fanclub. If it reaches 100%, it means that the seats around the circuit should be increased to facilitate the arrival of new fans. The second one, Filling fanclub, indicates the percentage of filling of fanclub, according to the limits imposed by your own Formula, including the facilities of the fans built.

The expectations of fans, sponsors and television companies
After the update of the calendars for the new season, the expectations of fans, sponsors and television companies for the new season are notified to the Team. Expectations represent a position in the Constructors' Championship which is expected to be obtained by the Team for the new season. The expectations are settled according to an indication of the strength of the Team, represented by the stars at the top of the page of each team, in relation to the strength of the Teams of the same championship. This value, the strength of a Team, in contrast to expectations that are set once a season, is updated weekly. To determine the value of a team are considered: the skills of components in storehouse and the skills of drivers, levels of research of laboratories, facilities and merchandising, money in the bank and cash and items produced in merchandising, the number of supporters in the fan club, seniority of the team. Expectations affect revenues of television, sponsors (in case of new contracts) and merchandising and the mood of fans. If a Team will have better results than expected, will receive bonuses in the aspects described above, if a Team will disappoint the expectations, will receive penalties in the same aspects. The bonuses / penalties depend on positions of difference from the expectations (example exectations: 2nd place, current position in the championship: 6th place) and depend on the current week: if positions of difference by expectation will be high and if the week of game will be high the bonuses / penalties will increase. The position requested can go from winning the championship up to 10th place. If you meet fully the expectations, revenue from TV, sponsorship and merchandising have neither bonuses nor malus and the evolution of the mood of supporters will depend on individual race result. During week 12 and week 1 before the first race, the expectations do not affect revenues.