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Rules of game

MyGPTeam week

MyGPTeam week is organised as follows: (Server's time zone updatings)

Every day
h 4:00:
- updating of merchandising sales
h 5:00:
- payment of penalties for each component in excess in the storehouse
h 6:00:
- drop in the level of research in the sector of components that are in excess in the storehouse, drop in the teamwork and in the level of research of talent scouts for every driver in excess

Monday :
h 7:00:
- updating of supporters of the team
The following updatings are available only during "week 10"
- prizes for constructor's world championship
- bonus/deduction of fans according to the placement of the Team in his championship
- prizes for driver's world championship
- historic updating of championships and teams
- assignation of numbers to teams for the new season

Tuesday :
h 7:00:
- updating of drivers' skills
- training results
- drivers weight updating

Wednesday :
h 7:00:
- prizes for the weekly contest
- creation of a new contest
- reset of the private tests summary
- updating of weather for race, qualification and test/contest
- creating the final race for the MyGPTeam World Championship (only at week 10)

Thursday :
h 7:00:
- weekly updating
- the month part of the age of each driver is increased by 1 unit. If this value is 12 before this update, the year part will also be increased (for instance, 19 years and 12 months become 20 years and 1 month)
- updating of engineers salary
- economic updating
- possibility to hire a young talent and to assess the talent of a driver renewed
- possibility to construct components in lab renewed
- increase in level of research, chain of shops, facilities and teamwork
- deadline of sponsors' contracts and new negotiations
- update of market value of PVI and Teams in Facilitated group
- calculating the value of team
- engineers' age rose by 1 year (only after "week 12" update)
- possibility to renew the contract again for those drivers to whom it has already been renewed in the previous season. (only after "week 12" update)
h 8:00:
The next updatings are available only after "week 11" update
- contracts scaled down by a season (those who remain without any residual season are automatically fired)
h 8:00:
The next updatings are available only after "week 12" update
- promotions and relegations
- races calendars of the new season are available
- possibility to change the circuit again for those who have already done it twice in the previous season
- calculating expectations

Friday :

Saturday :

Sunday :